Should I Get a New A/C By 2020?

Should I Get a New A/C This 2020?

Air conditioners are not designed to last forever, and it’s only a matter of time when you’ll find yourself looking for replacement options for your cooling unit. This 2020, it’s important to start the year right knowing you have an efficient air conditioning system to keep you cool in the summer.

Now, should you get a new A/C or not? Here are things you should consider to know if you’ll need a new A/C for your home:

Utility Bills Keep Climbing

It isn’t unusual for utility bills to increase as the weather changes or if you have a faulty system. However, if it suddenly climbs up without a solid reason, then your comfort system might be to blame.

A/Cs lose efficiency as they age, so you could be fighting a lost battle if you continue on repairs. Speak with our professionals if you notice something odd with your energy bills and we’ll find the best approach for your home. Call us now at (905) 457-4425.

Constant Breakdowns and Repairs

A few air conditioner repairs are reasonable. But if you experienced several breakdowns and had emergency repairs for three to four times a month, it’s the best time to buy a new air conditioner!

Don’t shell out for costly repairs and untimely expenses. As soon as your warranty expires, replacement parts and repairs aren’t worth paying for since the cost gets too high. It will be more cost-effective to replace the unit than to stick with non-stop expenses.            

Uncomfortable Homes

Over time, your A/C will stop cooling your home, making it a not-so comfy place to live in. The moment you feel that something isn’t right with your cooling system, it’s either it needs repairs or replacement. Talk to us today to find out if a replacement is the best option for your system today!

A/C Over A Decade Old

FACT: Your A/C loses its efficiency as it gets older, which means you’ll have to deal with more repairs in the long run. Over time, you’ll likely encounter more problems concerning its operation and performance.

For extremely old air conditioning units, it’s best to have them retire, so you could focus and save on a new unit that’s more efficient. With more advanced features and higher SEER, you know you can achieve better comfort and convenience from a new A/C unit.

Nothing lasts forever—even the A/C that you cared for years. For homeowners in McMinnville, Newberg, and all of Yamhill County, it’s important to know when to invest in a new cooling unit. Beware of these signs to make a smart decision on your system.

Want to talk to the experts about your cooling unit? Give us a call at Dr. HVAC today for a complete evaluation of your unit.

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