Is It Good to Run Your A/C and Ceiling Fans Together?

Is It Good to Run Your A/C and Ceiling Fans Together?

During the summer, we all want to stay cool at home, even if it means running your air conditioning system the entire day. But, there’s a much better way to stay comfortable indoors without increasing your monthly cooling bills. All you need to do is to let your ceiling fans work and do its magic.

How do ceiling fans contribute to your A/C’s cooling process:

Generally, fans help our body to cool down. But if it works hand-in-hand with an air conditioner, it can do more than that. Using your ceiling fan together with your air conditioning unit can save you a significant amount.  It can boost your A/C’s efficiency and help it out during the cooling process.

Moves Air at Low Velocity

Ceiling fans allow air conditioners to do a better job by evenly distributing the cool air throughout the house. They move a large volume of air and direct it to every room where it is needed. As long as the fans are turning, it will constantly create a wind chill inside your home.

Cuts Down Your Cooling Costs

If you think running an A/C and ceiling fan together is more expensive in terms of the utility cost, you’re definitely wrong!  It’s actually the opposite. At a normal utility rate, a central A/C costs about 43 cents per hour to run while a ceiling fan costs only about a cent per hour. When you turn your thermostat up, then run a ceiling fan along with your A/C, you’ll save almost half of your cooling cost.

Lessens Your A/C’s Cooling Cycle

Your A/C works together with a thermostat to meet the desired indoor temperature. But with ceiling fans at work, you can reduce your air conditioner’s cooling cycle while cutting down your energy costs. How is this possible?

While the A/C is running, the ceiling fans do its job in circulating the cooled air, thus, making you feel cooler. It sends a signal to your thermostat that you have reached the set temperature. Now, you’re free to push the thermostat degrees higher without causing a setback on your comfort.

So, should you run your ceiling fan and A/C together? Definitely! Doing so allows even distribution of air and less cooling cost every month. But, don’t leave the fans working when you’re not at home!

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