How Can I Fix Uneven Heating?

How Can I Fix Uneven Heating?

When you have your heating system installed, you expect to get the same level of comfort—from the attic to the basement. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. You may experience uneven heat and cold spots, which are inevitable in the winter.

If you’re having a problem with uneven heating in your McMinnville home, try these five (5) smart solutions.

Check Air Ducts for Leaks

With leaks on the ductwork, the air will bleed off before it reaches its destination. That said, your central heating system has to work double to compensate for the lost air. You can lose up 30% of heated air that escaped through the holes and leaks. With this, you’ll not just deal with uneven heating but with extra cost on energy bills as well. Let our technicians take care of necessary repairs and solutions to correct the issue in your duct system.

Consider a Zoning System

While zoning is a big investment, it’s an efficient way to solve uneven heating. It gives you direct access and control of the temperature in individual rooms or areas at home. No matter how big your home is, zoning can evenly heat your space while increasing your savings on energy. Contact us at Dr. HVAC to set up a customized zoning system for your residential space.

Relocate Your Air Vents

If the vents can’t send the air where it’s needed, then you might need to relocate them. You can redirect the air to certain rooms or areas at home by partially closing some of the vents in the first or second floor.  Always see to it that the vents and registers are clear from any obstructions.

Add More Insulation

Adding insulation to your home, particularly in the attic, can solve your heating woes. It’s a simple solution that effectively deals with uneven heating. The extra insulation keeps a consistent warm air throughout the house. With the right amount of quality insulation in your attic, you can get the full benefits of your heating system.

Have Your Furnace Repaired or Replaced

Due to old age, your heating system could be losing its power to produce the expected heat output. When your house is unevenly heated, it’s an indication that your system is starting to fail. Have it checked by professionals to know if repair or replacement is needed.        

Uneven Home Heating? Dr. HVAC Has the Solutions!

If your HVAC system can’t deliver even comfort in your McMinnville, OR home, you can try some of these solutions—or, you may talk to our experts for help. Don’t settle with an uncomfortable abode this cold season.

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