6 Answers to Your Air Conditioning Questions

6 Answers to Your Air Conditioning Questions

Whenever your A/C malfunctions, you’ll eventually ask—WHY? Certainly, there are questions you have in mind that you seek for answers. Our experts at Dr. HVAC has compiled these six (6) common air conditioning questions along with these answers. Keep reading!

How to Know If My Air Conditioner is Broken?

By simply looking at the signs, you’ll know exactly if your A/C is damaged. Some of these signs, include short cycling, odd noises and smell,  rooms not cooling or taking too long to cool, uneven cooling, and increased energy bills. Once you noticed any of these signs, it indicates that your system may need immediate repair or replacement, depending on its status.

Why Is My A/C Freezing Up?

In most cases, an air conditioner freezes up because it runs out of refrigerant levels or there’s an existing airflow issue in the evaporator coils. You may also consider checking other factors like the thermostat setting, vents, and air filters. In case your A/C freezes up, turn off your A/C immediately. Don’t try your luck with DIY because it could cause more damage.

Is It Time to Replace My A/C?

A/C replacement is crucial decision to make. You’ll have to consider lots of factors such as the following:

  • Age. If your existing cooling system is too old and can no longer meet your space’s cooling requirements, then you may consider buying a new A/C.
  • Low Refrigerant/Leaking Refrigerant. Any refrigerant-related issue signals danger to your health, comfort, and safety. If you experienced any problem with your refrigerant, don’t delay calling the pros for expert solutions.
  • Unusual Increase in Energy Bills. Your A/C becomes less efficient with age. If your cooling costs are rising, it’s a sign that your cooling system is giving up and needs replacement.
  • Cost of Repair. If repairs cost more than the price of a new A/C, then replacement is a better option.

Should I Turn On My Dehumidifier While Running My A/C?

When paired with a high-performance dehumidifier, your A/C will perform at its best. A dehumidifier enhances your comfort while keeping dust, mildew, and musty odors at bay.

Should I Set the A/C Fan to ‘ON’ or ‘AUTO?’

Setting the fan to AUTO helps you save on your bills. The ‘ON’ setting allows the air to circulate throughout the house for balanced and even indoor temperature. Set it to ‘ON’ if everyone’s at home and leave it in ‘AUTO’ if no one’s around.

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to your air conditioner, the bigger ones aren’t always the better. A comfortable indoor space isn’t all about having a large A/C. What you need is the right type and size of air conditioner that suits your cooling needs. Make sure to get an air conditioning system that’s just right for your space. 

Do you have other questions about your air conditioner? Contact us at Dr. HVAC for prompt answers.

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