During the winter, your heating system might be working overtime to keep your McMinnville, OR home warm. In the process, it may struggle to heat your space and even breakdown eventually.

Help your furnace survive the extreme cold with these expert tips from Dr. HVAC.

Keep an Eye Out for the Filters

Your furnace filters aren’t something that you always think when it comes to maintenance. But when you realize that your system is slowly deteriorating, you’ll find yourself calling for service right away. A faulty air filter is enough to cost you thousands of dollars when you fail to maintain it. Be sure to pay close attention to it and determine when it needs cleaning or replacement.

Reinforce Your Walls

To reinforce is to strengthen something. By this, we mean to improve your walls’ resistance against cold. You can do this not only by adding insulation, but also by covering your walls with shelves, furniture, picture frames, or even a poster. This way, the cold air from the outside won’t easily penetrate your home.

Don’t Crank Up the Temperature

We know it’s hard to resist cranking up your thermostat when it gets too cold. However, doing it won’t do well to your furnace because it has to work double to reach your desired indoor temperature. No matter how hard the winter hits you, just stick to the right thermostat setting. If you feel cold, then wear a layer of clothes and socks.

Close All Airways

Of course, this doesn’t include your vents! Airways are anything that may serve as an entry point for the cold air and exit point for the heater air. As much as possible, keep the garage door, windows and door closed to help your furnace manage your indoor temperature.

Contact Professionals for Maintenance!

Just like how you’re having a hard time dealing with the cold weather, your furnace also experiences the same. This is true especially when your system is poorly maintained. Routine maintenance is key to the better performance and efficiency of your furnace. Keeping it on top of your priority this wintertime is one of the best things you could do to help your heating system.


Don’t put all the burdens on your furnace! Even in simple ways like these, you can help your system deal with the extreme winter. Stay tuned to us at Dr. HVAC for more furnace and HVAC maintenance tips this cold season. Give us a call for your HVAC concerns in McMinnville, OR and nearby communities.