5 Signs Your A/C Needs a Tune-Up

5 Signs Your A/C Needs a Tune-Up

After the long winter, it’s time for your A/C to get back to work. During the warm months, you’ll rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool indoors, so it needs to stay in tip-top shape to function efficiently.

But, what if it doesn’t even turn on or couldn’t cool your home enough? These are a few signals that your  A/C requires a tune-up. Check out other signs below!

An Odd Smell Comes Out From Your A/C

The bad odor coming from your systems doesn’t have to leave you worried at all. Your A/C might simply need some fine-tuning to eliminate that unusual smell—whatever that is. In some cases, a musty A/C odor is a sign of mold build-up or dirty ductwork that requires immediate attention. It’s not always that your cooling system smells like rotten tomatoes, but when it does, you know it’s time to consider a tune-up service.

You Hear Unnecessary Noises                   

Does your A/C sound like there’s a rumble inside going on? Well, it’s not something to ignore or just pass by. Any odd sound that you noticed from your system might be a way of your A/C of saying, “Hey, can I get a tune-up?”  Also, the noise might be a result of broken motor bearing, tightened belt, or mechanical failure in the system that needs lubrication, repair, or replacement. Be sure to check the problem with your local HVAC contractor in McMinnville, OR.

The Air Doesn’t Feel Right

If the indoor air feels stagnant and heavy, you could be experiencing a weak airflow. Is your A/C at fault? Probably! You can quickly tell if your cooling system isn’t working well with the quality of your indoor air. Having your A/C cleaned or tuned-up can help restore a breathable atmosphere inside your home—leaving you fresh and comfortable this summer.

Your A/C Doesn’t Turn On

It shouldn’t be a surprise if your A/C doesn’t kick on after long days of hibernation during the winter. If yours won’t turn on, no matter how hard you try, then you should call the pros for a tune-up service. Your A/C should get some overhauling from the professionals.

It Blows Lukewarm Air

If ever your air conditioner has turned on but isn’t blowing cold air, then you’re in big trouble.  An A/C unit that blows off lukewarm air or doesn’t cool at all requires care and tune-up from the experts. You can also try changing the filters and see if your system is able to cool your home again.

Once you noticed any of these signs, call us at Dr. HVAC for inspection and tune-up. We’ll assess your system, uncover the issue, and fix it before it gets worse.

Are you ready for an A/C tune-up? Contact us to get started!

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